Hostgator vs Eleven2

Everyone looks for the best hosting company when it comes to any business website. Best here means working and efficiency of hosting partner. Cost normally comes first and many web owners tend to be economical to earn much from their websites. Despite that, they normally look for hosting company that offer extremely all necessary features that will carry them forward in their hosting needs. But how do you know which company offer the best hosting plan? Most will agree that comparison really matters when it comes to that. Today you are lucky since you are going to find out the distinguishable features between Hostgator and Eleven2.

Affordability is one of the factors of great concern for many web owners. Both hosting company have different prices depending on hosting features. For instance if we consider hostgator, by now you can access hosting services from as little as 2.48 USD per month with reseller hosting at 12.47 dollars, VPS hosting at 9.97 and dedicated hosting at 87 dollars per month. For Eleven2 prices are quite higher as compared to hostgator since their resellers hosting goes for 13.97 per month while VPS servers and dedicated one goes for 44.08 and 199 USD per month respectively. Their minimum hosting cost is at 4.95 USD. It is clear that hostgator is very affordable and they are highly economical for all types of websites.

Hosting features
Hostgator offers wide range of highly responsive features and that’s why they are highly recommended. For instance they offer you unlimited bandwidth, disk space, mySQL database, FTP account, Adon domain, auto responder and many others. Eleven2 offer nearly the same features but their autoresponders, email, sub domain, parked domain, adon domain and my SQL database are limited.
Hostgator have gone a step further and they are offering many other important features to their clients. For instance they have added a free web builder and private SSL which are not available in Eleven2.

Ecommerce support features
Both hosting offer dedicated IP and shared SSL features for ecommerce websites. But hostgator again has gone beyond that to ensure that clients’ website not only support online businesses but also respond seamlessly. And that is the main reason why they have added more important aspects like private SSL, osCommerce cart, Zen cart and cube cart.

Control panel features
Again here you will notice a big different between these two hosting companies. Although both of them offer c-panel feature Hostgator have taken additional steps to improve services provided to their customers. And that’s why their control panel features have fantastic, soholaunch, hotlink protection, IP Deny manager, custom error pages, instant blog, guestbook, counter, form-mail, file manager and protected directories.

Email features
Email is very important for both website communication and marketing therefore features implemented on it should be very special and highly responsive to ensure it offers all that is needed. Both hostgator and Eleven2 offer mailing listing, spam assassin, mail forwarding and IMAP support but Hostgator again offer additional feature which is catch alls.

Hostgator vs Eleven2 comparison
clearly shows that Hostgator is economical and efficient and therefore suitable for all kind of hosting needs. Hostgator has more useful additional features which are very advantageous to any website.

Fatcow Webhosting Review

The one thing that people love about cows is that they are simple animals. Even in their wildest of color variations, they never wander far off from their dual color scheme. Now, how much fun would it be if web hosting was calm, easy and simple just like cows? Well, with FatCow it can be just that. Fatcow provides an alternative solution to the complicated and technical world of web hosting. They make available all the tools that would need to get a website up and running from scratch. The service they offer is pretty easy to use and the staff they have available are well versed with the technology that is involved in web hosting. Read the following Fatcow review to learn more.

Fatcow Review

Their pricing scheme is very different from the one that many web hosting services employ. They provide their services in small year-sized lumps that they refer to as terms’. You can have a three-year term with monthly payments, a 12 month or a two year plan. But if for some reason you decide that Fatcow is not what you need to make your business grow, you can make use of their full refund policy in the first 30 days after signing up to their services.

The basic package that they have available also comes with $25, $50 and $75 advertising credit from Yahoo, facebook and Google respectively. These credits made available can be redeemed for advertising space on their specific sites and can be used to drive traffic to your site when you are starting out. Other goodies include WordPress tools for blogging, Joomla CMS and listings on

Despite the fact that this service is one of the easiest to use in the market, it still is great to have as fallback knowledgeable staff to consult in the unlikely event that you have a technical problem. FatCow has emphasized on their customer service which has made them pretty unique.

FatCow acknowledges the fact that not all of their clients will be tech geeks who will be able to create their sites from scratch with ease. As such, they have taken it upon themselves to simplify the very complex and daunting task of starting a site by making available a package that contains all the essentials. If you are just testing the waters before you dive in, you could make use of their MiniMoo’ package which will enable you to get a domain and set up your email accounts. When your business grows and you feel that it is time to move to a bigger package with more features, you can easily upgrade to the full package. And with the simple pricing scheme, the shift/upgrade should not be an issue.

Sure the FatCow is a site building service that is easy to use, but it still offers advanced features that will cater to the needs of experienced and rookie users alike. Fatcow also has integrated the Google custom search enabling you to carry out a search within the site you have created.

FatCow’s services also support phpBB, Gallery2 and WordPress which allows you to convert your site into a blog or even add photo galleries and message boards to it.